Jamaican Culture: It's a Mindset


“You don’t have to be Jamaican to be Jamaican”, are the words that Homer, over at Cooyah Clothing said to Mari Williams of Mari Poppins & Co. a Creative Marketing Agency that works with personal brands, businesses, and nonprofits to “Market for a Mission.” And if we take anything away from our connection with them, it’s that I love the message behind this, which is what sparked wanted to get to know more about these guys and where they come from!

Good Vibes Only 

With Jamaican roots, but based in Florida, this Reggae-inspired clothing brand is making some serious strides in the clothing industry. 

While scrolling through Instagram, doing research for a client- a bright familiar color scheme jumped out, and if you know anything about Reggae or Jamaica, you would know their color scheme without missing a beat. One might also associate them with smoking a jay or two and preaching that peace, love, and unity are where it is at! 

What the Jamaican, Reggae and Rastafarian cultures have been showing us for decades—is that feeling, being, and sharing the love via good and positive vibes is all that it takes to be a part of their culture- and Cooyah Clothing is an embodiment of that message for sure! 

Sending Love Wherever It’s Needed 

When branding yourself, one of the top suggestions marketing agencies make is that you should find your niche. This sometimes limits us or blocks us from connecting with certain people. Not these guys! They welcomed us with open arms just waiting to tell us that they loved

our vibes too, we had an instant connection and the rest is history. We are now huge fans of their products, their people, and their message. 

The aesthetic and overall energy that Cooyah’s Instagram page put out was contagious and drew us in immediately! What kept us around and wanting more, was the energy and love that radiated from them. As we got to dig a little deeper, the Jamaican pride and support beamed all over their website and social media platforms. 

They have created their own melting pot of people who love Jamaican food, culture, and vibes. You do not have to be of Jamaican background to fit in with Cooyah! 

If you are looking for a clothing brand that brings value through peace, unity, with Jamaican and Reggae flare- then these are your people. We cannot wait to share the love that they have shown us and so many other people like us. 

If You Can’t Tell 

We are absolutely in love with everything that this company is about. They have shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bathing suits, and a whole lot more with Jamaican slang terms, marijuana leaves, mandalas, and gorgeous lions. 

It was the bathing suits that caught our attention though, they have something for whatever shape or size you are. Which is such a nice change of pace! Again, it all comes back to this being a brand for the people. Love, unity, and acceptance are plastered all over Cooyah and their clothing, which is why we love them and can’t wait to see more!

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