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Reggae Clothing Brand Remembers Their Lost Co-Worker Susan Kreitman

Remembering a Legacy

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SINCE 1987

We at Cooyah strive to be the most original, influential, straight from the islands reggae clothing company around. We have been hand designing, printing, and distributing reggae and rastafarian inspired clothing since 1987 - just for you! And we still keepin' it irie.


Check out our blog to learn more about Jamaican food, culture, and people, as well as a sneak peak into everything Cooyah!


"Cooyah works very very, very, very hard to give good clothes with good statements, good material, good texture, it's not sell-out brand - they have kept quality. They keep it very personal and very family oriented."

Empress II-Kaya Ises

Cooyah has really nice Jamaican and Rastafari clothing. Great unique designs.

Mali Hope

Outstanding loved everything I received will be a regular.

Devin Robinson

I loved everything about my experience, from the product to the staff. Just absolutely wonderful!

Charlotte Floyd