Everything Irie?

Everything irie? 

If you have ever heard this phrase or had someone ask you this... it may have come across as a way to ask if everything was ok. And while it was, it also had a much more meaningful definition as well. 

The word “irie” is from the exotic lands of Jamaica, usually used as a slang term for “everything good?”. 

But like almost everything that comes from Jamaican or Rastafari culture, being irie has a much deeper, more philosophical meaning. Think Rafiki from Lion King, and his terrible Jamaican accent, everything that he said sounded like it came from a fortune cookie, but he had all the answers, you just had to dig a little deeper.

One Love 

When people imagine Jamaica or its inhabitants, images of marijuana, dreads, rasta caps, and the bold red, green, and gold colors start to run through their heads, but there is so much more to the island than meets the eye. 

While yes, Jamaica is full of people that check all these boxes - it is also full of lush, green views and deep, spiritual history. 

The islanders are such kind souls who have been treated poorly for years; whether it be for having dreads, smoking an occasional jay or two, or speaking their minds through music, a large portion of the people were treated badly, but still able to maintain their core values of 

peace, unity and one love. If reggae music has taught us anything, it’s that there is always a peaceful way to get your point across, even when talking about politics and slavery. 

Brands like Cooyah Clothing are representing positivity, unity, and Jamaican culture every day by incorporating that One Love mentality. By working with small Jamaican businesses and making everyone who is not of Caribbean descent- feel as though they are, you can really feel those irie vibes radiating from them.

A Deeper Meaning 

Because Jamaicans are such soulful people when you are asked if “everything is irie?” You are also being asked if you are at peace with yourself...do you feel as though you have no worries? 

They want to know if your inner peace is so hardcore that it can stand the test of whatever is happening at that moment in your life. To some, this may be an intense question to ask, but if you pass the “vibes test”, you should have no worries - for the rest of your days. 

The inhabitants of this mystical island are all about the vibes that you give out. It is less about the small meaningless talk and more about the energy that you are giving off. They can instantly tell what kind of person you are just by feeling the vibrations you project. 

Irie vibes only

Spread the Love 

You don’t have to be a Jamaican, Rastafarian, or a Reggae master to know that if you aren’t doing it with love, then you shouldn’t do it at all. 

So, if your vibes aren’t irie, then you aren’t irie.

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