DJ Sparks is internationally known as one of the hottest top media professionals in her time. Born as Tricia Spence, she hails from Kingston, Jamaica and has been dominating every industry possibly in her career thus far. She is known as DJ, radio host, actress, television host, voiceover specialist, emcee, writer, and is the CEO of Twelve 9 Records. DJ Sparks is passionate about flying the Jamaican flag high and promoting the positive aspects of the Jamaican culture. Now, you can also add apparel designer to her extensive resume - after success of her collection of t-shirts that are burning up the street fashion scene internationally. We asked DJ Sparks what inspired her collection and you'll be amazed to know that is was Miss Jamaica Universe, Davina Bennett. 

What was the inspiration behind your collection?

Davina's poise, grace, fierceness and the beauty of her outfit and intelligence just made me hollered a bunch of things including "Yaaas Goodie", "Steam Fish and Okra Body", "Yam and Cassava" and etc. My listeners, my followers who I call "Fire Flies" because they spark up the world - they encouraged me to print some t-shirts. I ignored them at first, but they kept insisting and I did it.

Why Cooyah?

I decided to hook up with Cooyah, because they are a brand that is synonymous with quality. Cooyah is also a Jamaican owned company. I am a Jamaican, Davina is a Jamaican, and I love working with small Jamaican businesses to put us out there - that is part of what I use my platform for.

Tell us about your partnership with Davina Bennett's Foundation

Part of the proceeds from the "Yaaas Goodie" and "Steam Fish and Okra Body" merchandise will be going towards Davina Bennett's Foundation for the Deaf which is her mission as Miss Universe to help the hearing impaired - it is near and dear to her heart. It is close to me also because I have family members who have hearing impairments. 

DJ Sparks can be found burning up Jamaica's airwaves at Zip103 FM, lighting up, experience her zaniness on her podcast at and shop a variety of her products on

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